The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board


The newly established Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board will take part in recognizing and rewarding deserving companies and individuals who share the passion of making incredible imagery through innovative technology. The panel consists of editors, creative directors, writers and industry professionals – all whom have dedicated their careers to photography and the technology behind it.

Lauren Wendle: Chair, The Lucie Techncial Awards Advisory Board


Damien Demolder

Editor of Amateur Photographer, Regular Contributor for DP Review and British Journal of Photography Magazine

London, UK


Chris George

Group Editor-in-Chief at Future plc

Bath, UK


Matt Golowczynski
Editor, at Future plc
London, UK


Miriam Leuchter

Editor, Content Strategist, Creative Ringleader, Former Editor-In-Chief, Popular Photography and American Photo

New York, NY


Billy Murray

Editor-in-Chief, Resource Magazine

Brooklyn, NY


Angela Nicholson 

Reviews Editor of Camera Jabber, Director of Squeezy Media Ltd, Founder of SheClicks

Henley-on-Thames, UK


Dr. Michael Pritchard

Director of The Royal Photographic Society

Somerset, UK


Bob Rose

Editor-at-Large for PDN and Rangefinder Magazines, Industry Consultant, and Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology 

New York, NY



David Schloss

Editor at Digital Photo Pro Magazine and Digital Photo Magazine, Contributing Editor at Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and Content Development Director at Madavor Media

New York, NY


Jason Schneider

Senior Editor, Digital Imaging Reporter

New York, NY


Jaron Schneider

Senior Staff Writer, The Imaging Resource 

San Francisco, CA


Greg Scoblete

Senior Technology Editor, PDN and Rangefinder Magazines

New York, NY


Toshiki Toyama
Photo Editor, The Asahi Shimbun
Tokyo, Japan