Here you’ll find answers to some common questions we receive about The Lucie Technical Awards. If your question isn’t among them, please email us at tech@lucies.org.


What are the categories each year for The Lucie Technical Awards?

The Lucie Technical Awards categories are annually revised and updated with the advice and guidance of The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board. The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory board takes the market’s technological trends into consideration. Some of the categories in the past may not be included in the next Lucie Technical Awards, and new categories may be included from year to year.


What does the timeline look like for The Lucie Technical Awards each year?

Nominations Open: Early May

Deadline to Submit: Mid-August

Finalists Announced: Mid-September

Winners Announced: Mid-October


Is there a fee to submit a nomination?

There is no fee to submit a nomination. We want the opportunity to recognize and reward deserving companies and individuals whose efforts have advanced the careers of so many image-makers.


Can I nominate more than once?

Yes, you are welcome to enter products into as many categories as you deem appropriate.


How do I know that you received my nomination?

You will see a confirmation page immediately after you submit your nominations. You will also receive an email confirming your nomination(s).


How does a product qualify to be nominated for a Lucie Technical Award?

In order for a product to be nominated for a Lucie Technical Award, the product must be released within the timeline stated in the nomination application and also must be in the appropriate category.


Who can nominate a product for The Lucie Technical Awards?

The Lucie Technical Awards accepts nominations from companies, manufacturers, our board members, and from our database of 50,000 plus photographers worldwide.


Who are the judges?

The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board is comprised of various members of the diverse photography community, including technology editors, editors, reviewers, journalists, and consultants.

To view all Advisory Board members, please visit http://tech.lucies.org/the-lucie-technical-awards-advisory-board/


How are finalists chosen for The Lucie Technical Awards?

After the nomination deadline closes, all nominations are vetted to ensure they meet the qualifications – specifically the appropriate category and release date. The list of nominations is then finalized by a smaller selection of our Advisory Board members, primarily technology editors, to determine the finalists.


How are winners chosen for The Lucie Technical Awards?

The Lucie Technical Awards attaches great importance to the selection of the awards and strives to maintain an independent and fair procedure to select the winners for each category each year. The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board takes part in recognizing and rewarding deserving companies and individuals who share the passion of making incredible imagery through innovative technology. Board members only vote where it applies to their knowledge and expertise. We do not permit brand ambassadors or endorsed photographers to vote in any category that might result in a conflict of interest or bias.

The finalists are voted on by The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board using a numeric scoring system. The board votes on each product selected as a finalist using a point scale from one to ten- a score of one is the worst and a score of ten is the best. This scoring system is used for all of the categories. After all scores have been received, the average score of each finalist is computed. The finalist that receives the highest score is automatically deemed the winner of the category. It is the rating scale vote of all Advisory Board members that determines the winners. All results are final and are kept confidential until the awards presentation ceremony.


Is it possible to receive the board’s rating and comments?

Due to the high volume of entries, The Lucie Technical Awards does not offer individual comments to its entrants.


What do I get if I win a Lucie Technical Award?

The Lucie Technical Awards provides its winners with the Lucie Technical Award statue to help publicize their achievement. Winners are encouraged to display their statues at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The Lucie Foundation offers unlimited usage of a personalized Lucie Tech Awards logo for your winning product for use in your press and marketing promotions. The cost of this is $5000 per award. Please contact lreale@luciefoundation.org or 858-204-8956 if you have any interest or questions.


Can I purchase additional Lucie Technical Awards statues?

Yes, additional awards can be purchased. Please contact tech@lucies.org for more information.


Can I purchase additional Lucie Technical Awards plaques and/or certificates?

Yes, additional plaques and certificates for finalists are available for purchase. Please contact tech@lucies.org for more information.